DIY Boxwood Wreath

Give your home an organic feel and bring the outside inside with this easy to make boxwood wreath

I love having a natural and organic textures around my house. It helps tie my whole design style together, thus I decided a DIY Boxwood Wreath was in order.

Thrifty Divas DIY Boxwood Wreath

When I originally hung one of my old wood windows in our study, it just felt bare. I decided to liven up the window with a wreath. I love boxwood wreaths, but to get one that is a decent size, they are so pricey! And why is that??? I couldn’t figure it out, and the Mr. most likely wouldn’t be happy with me spending $50 on a wreath. So I decided to make one of my own. Continue reading “DIY Boxwood Wreath”

15 AWESOME DIY Father’s Day Presents

Make any of these Father’s Day presents to show Dad that he is the BEST ever!

If you’re anything like me, Father’s Day always seems to sneak up on me. With the rush of school being let out, and July 4th right around the corner I always seem to be running around at last minute trying to choose the perfect Father’s Day presents.

So to take the stress out of trying to dream up a perfectly unique gift, I decided to compile my favorite DIY Father’s Day presents. Continue reading “15 AWESOME DIY Father’s Day Presents”

DIY Burlap Picture Frame Mat

A picture frame mat out of burlap fabric a quick and easy crafting project.

Hey, Thrifty Divas DIY followers! Today I want to share with you a quick and easy crafting project: a DIY Burlap Picture Frame Mat. I made a picture frame mat out of burlap fabric and some ribbon. I usually get my picture frames at the thrift store and as a result, I get super cheap frames, but they are often missing the paper mat. I know you can buy these at several different stores, but the idea of lugging my toddler to another store and spending a few bucks on a picture frame mat does not sound enticing. This project was completely free since I had all the materials on hand.
Continue reading “DIY Burlap Picture Frame Mat”

Toddler Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Toddler Easter basket filled with items from the dollar store. Items are fun things he enjoys, and we will get several uses out of!

Today, I’m going to share with you gifts that I have picked out for my toddler’s Easter basket. I have always loved celebrating holidays with family. However, now that I have a little one I find it even better. Now that he is almost two it’s fun picking out little gifts for his Easter Basket. I love my kiddo and enjoy giving him things for his Easter basket, but I also don’t like spending a ton since he already has a lot of toys.  This year I got all of the following from the dollar store.easter basket-3

1. Small toy car (great for on the go, and if they get lost it’s not a big deal because it was only a $1)
2. Coloring book (my son loves coloring in books where he can look at his favorite characters as he colors)
3. Small car-sized coloring book (fantastic for tiny hands)
4. Chalk in the shape of Easter eggs how cute
5. Bubbles (what kiddo doesn’t love these)
6. Finger paint
7. Tiny chocolate bunny
8. Easter pail (I like using buckets instead of baskets because they’re multipurpose we can use these in the sandbox in the summer and take them to the pool)

easter basket-2So for $8 plus tax I have my son’s Easter basket filled with fun things he enjoys, and we will get several uses out of the toys. Hope this has given you some ideas. Happy Easter!

Valentine’s Day Gift-Beer my Valentine

Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, February 14th inevitably comes around each year. Personally, I think it’s sweet to look back and remind your hubby on what exactly made you fall in love with him in the first place. Even though I like Valentine’s Day, I still prefer to keep things a little low key, I’m not into all that extravaganza, but being married to a romantic, I feel a bit guilty if I don’t give him a little something to remind him of how special he is.

This year I decided I would treat my hubby to something he loves more than sweets—BEER! I thought a six-pack of his favorite beer with a “Beer my Valentine?” note would make a lovely gift. Only the thing is, I wanted to dress up the presentation a little bit. What can I say, I’m just a girl with a hot glue gun and a dream.

Materials used in this quick DIY: 6 pack of beer, tissue paper, six flowers (dollar store sells one stem that has six flowers), and a hot glue gun & glue sticks.

I ran over to the dollar store and grabbed one stem (which as six flowers attached) of fake red flowers, and tissue paper with hearts printed on it. At home, I cut off the flower buds from the stem and glued them on beer bottle top. (Side note-I was out of glue sticks for my glue gun, so I used crazy glue. The crazy glue was harder to use, and I think a glue gun would be the best way to go on this one).

Once the flowers were attached, I wrapped the tissue around the beer bottles and placed them back in the cardboard six pack holder. I could have just stopped there, but I decided to cover the cardboard with plain red tissue paper and write my “Beer my Valentine” note on it. To finish it off I would have printed out this little guy to slap on the side if I didn’t have a broken printer.

So this Valentines, Father’s Day, birthday, or anniversary, surprise your hubby with what he wants, a nice cold beer 🙂