DIY Boxwood Wreath

Give your home an organic feel and bring the outside inside with this easy to make boxwood wreath

I love having a natural and organic textures around my house. It helps tie my whole design style together, thus I decided a DIY Boxwood Wreath was in order.

Thrifty Divas DIY Boxwood Wreath

When I originally hung one of my old wood windows in our study, it just felt bare. I decided to liven up the window with a wreath. I love boxwood wreaths, but to get one that is a decent size, they are so pricey! And why is that??? I couldn’t figure it out, and the Mr. most likely wouldn’t be happy with me spending $50 on a wreath. So I decided to make one of my own. Continue reading “DIY Boxwood Wreath”

Truck Bedroom Design

Make your toddler boy’s bedroom pop with a transportation inspired design.

Choosing a Truck Bedroom Design:

With the upcoming arrival of the new baby, we began the transition of moving my almost two-year-old to his “big bed.” That meant getting rid of the change table and crib and updating his furniture. Since most of the crib bedding contained a superhero theme, my son’s room didn’t have a theme. I decided to get him excited about his new bed I decided to decorate his room in his current obsession that being cars and trucks, hence a truck bedroom design. Continue reading “Truck Bedroom Design”

Budget Master Bathroom Renovation

A budget friendly DIY master bathroom update featuring spa-like accents and colors.

I’m excited to share my Budget Master Bathroom Renovation for only $400, and no renovations were required! We have lived in our house for three years and contemplated renovating our master bathroom. The project seems like an incredible undertaking both financially as well as time-consuming. I even went so far as to get a few contractors to come in and quote the job and their quotes ranged from $12,000 to $21,0000. Needless to say, I became the contractor, designer, and skilled laborer.

Continue reading “Budget Master Bathroom Renovation”

Laundry Room Makeover on a Budget

I have a love-hate relationship with my laundry room. I love that I have one, but hate the size and the way it looks. I finally decided enough was enough it needed an update. My laundry room is right off my kitchen and to walk upstairs, you need to pass my laundry room. Thus everyone sees it. Therefore, I decided a farmhouse inspired laundry room update was in order.laundry_-8

The beginning of the laundry room makeover:

Continue reading “Laundry Room Makeover on a Budget”

Over 20 Easy DIY July 4th Home Decor Ideas

+20 DIY 4th of July decoration for your next Independence Day party!

I love celebrating the July 4th with friends, family, food & firecrackers. To make celebrating even more festive, I love to decorate my house for July 4th bashes. However, I find that decorating for EVERY holiday can get expensive-and after all, I do try my best to be a Thrifty Diva. So, to keep things more affordable I love DIYing my own decorations. This year, impress your guests with these +20 easy DIY July 4th home decor ideas. Continue reading “Over 20 Easy DIY July 4th Home Decor Ideas”

DIY Napkin Rings

Two easy napkin ring tutorials that cost less than $3 and take less than 30 minutes to complete and will quickly transform any thrifted or hand-me-downs that need a new life.

THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING REVAMPWell, it’s another rainy day here in Greenville, and I am finally forced to stay indoors and work on some home decor projects I’ve meant to complete. Three months ago I came across these napkin rings at the local thrift store and decided they would make for an easy napkin ring DIY project. Continue reading “DIY Napkin Rings”

Imaginative Farmhouse Lighting Makeovers

Looking for some beautiful farmhouse lighting, but don’t have the budget for new lighting? Take a look at these easy 10 DIY farmhouse inspired lighting tutorials to use in your home.

Lately, farmhouse style is all over the place, and everyone seems to be selling lights in this décor style. However, these amazing lights can come with pretty hefty price tags. That’s why we’re breaking down some easy DIY farmhouse lights you can do in a weekend (and you don’t need to be an electrician to figure it out!) Continue reading “Imaginative Farmhouse Lighting Makeovers”

Inspiring Lampshade Makeovers

Before you pass up that old lamp or toss the out dated one you have, consider giving your light new life using these tutorials for inspiration.

Do you have a tired old lampshade hanging around your house? Or, maybe you are about to pass of a great thrift store find. Look twice at that lampshade or base before you toss it out or pass it up. We have collected 17 different lampshade ideas that are sure to make a statement in any room in your house! Continue reading “Inspiring Lampshade Makeovers”

Over 20 Ways to Repurpose Old Windows

Old windows can be re-imagined into over 20 different beautiful home decor projects for your home.

A few years ago my husband and I replaced our old windows in our house. Inspired by projects and ideas I was seeing people create with old windows I decided to keep my old windows to use around the house. Here is a list of over 20 great ideas on how to upcycle old windows for great DIY projects and home decor. Continue reading “Over 20 Ways to Repurpose Old Windows”

Outdated wood valence makeover

Outdated wood valence makeover: demo that old cabinet valence and replace it with a new farmhouse inspired wall-mounted light fixture.

Outdated wood valence makeover: demo that old cabinet valence and replace it with a new farmhouse inspired wall-mounted light fixture. Continue reading “Outdated wood valence makeover”