How to Make a Beautiful Birdcage Planter

How to Make a Birdcage Planter in only 10 minutes with only $12. An unexpected DIY project that will add visual appeal to any landscape.

A birdcage planter can make a beautiful addition to any yard, garden, or patio. I leave my birdcage on a table top, but you could also hang the birdcage from a garden hook or tree as well. This quick unexpected DIY project can add visual appeal to any landscape.  This project cost a total of $12 and took 10 minutes to make. birdcage HEADER Continue reading “How to Make a Beautiful Birdcage Planter”

Backyard Pathway Makeover using Quikrete Stone Mold

Make a 40×4 foot walkway for less than $111. An easy 1 weekend project anyone can accomplish using concrete and a Quikcrete stone mold.

I am so excited to share with you, my backyard pathway makeover. I have a love-hate relationship with my backyard. I love that it’s completely fenced in, and my dogs can run all over as they please; if you’ve ever lived in an apartment and had to walk your dog morning and night on a leash in all types of weather, you understand. However, dogs can make having lovely plants and grass sometimes impossible. I wanted to show you how I transformed a corner (40×4 foot area) of my yard this weekend for only $110.39! concrete pathway finished-4HEADER Continue reading “Backyard Pathway Makeover using Quikrete Stone Mold”