DIY Burlap Wall Sign

Easy to follow DIY burlap sign tutorial. It made with only a frame, burlap, and a sharpie. Options and ideas are endless for creating your own burlap wall art for your home!

Make your own burlap wall art!

DIY Burlap Wall Sign Tutorial: When we first moved into our home, we were upgrading from a 700 square foot apartment to a 3000 square foot house. We quickly realized that we needed artwork and chotskis to fill our space. Decorating that much house can quickly kill a few paychecks and
make me and the hubby eat ramen noodles for a month straight. Since we would both like something in the grocery cart besides shelf stable dehydrated noodles, like a nice bottle of wine and a pair of sirloins it made me break out my DIY crafting skills.

header picI decided to start with some artwork for the entryway of our house. I strategically decorated starting at the front of the house to the back. That way our new neighbors that were stopping by to introduce themselves would have no idea we were only living in two furnished rooms of our house. For the entry way, I decided to make a piece of burlap wall art with our last name initial and since my husband and I could not agree on anything else…the joys of decorating as a unit.

For this project, you will need burlap fabric, a picture frame, cardboard and a paint pen in the color or your choice or a sharpie. I ordered a roll of burlap from here. I find you will want a 14-inch roll because it has allowed me the most flexibility for various projects. I have this paint pen.

burlap projects-8Start by removing the glass and backing from the frame. If you have a wood frame without a backing and glass like mine, measure the opening of your frame. Mine was 12×16. If you have glass trace the glass on the burlap and cut the fabric to size. You will then have to cut the same size of cardboard you are using a frame without a backing, like mine. After you have cut your burlap to size, print off an initial on Microsoft Word and cut out the letter to make a stencil. burlap projects-9
burlap projects-10Once, you have your handmade stencil lay it out on the burlap and start taking your paint pen and filling in the stencil. I have used a sharpie on burlap, and it works, but it takes longer than if you use a paint pen. Remove your stencil once you have filled it in and let it dry overnight.

burlap projects-6burlap projects-4Assemble and hang the following day and enjoy that steak and your glass of wine you earned it with your DIY burlap wall art!burlap projects-2

I loved how much the one I made for my front hallway turned out, I decided to make another for my master bedroom!burlap projects-12burlap projects-11burlap projects-3

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