DIY Napkin Rings

Two easy napkin ring tutorials that cost less than $3 and take less than 30 minutes to complete and will quickly transform any thrifted or hand-me-downs that need a new life.


THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING REVAMPWell, it’s another rainy day here in Greenville, and I am finally forced to stay indoors and work on some home decor projects I’ve meant to complete. Three months ago I came across these napkin rings at the local thrift store and decided they would make for an easy napkin ring DIY project.THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING UPDATE

THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING UPDATEThere were 12 in total, and each was only 45 cents for a solid brass napkin ring (deal of the century)! I bought all 12 and had been debating how to update them for the last three months. Since brass and the color, peach aren’t really my thing. The other day I had the chalk paint and the mirror looking glass spray paint out for window project I was working on, and then the idea finally struck me or pregnancy exhaustion and laziness (that seems to be occurring more and more frequently these days). I decided since I already had the materials out I would chalk paint six of the napkin rings and mirror spray paint the other six napkin rings since I couldn’t decide which idea I liked more. 

DIY Mirror Napkin Rings:

THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING REVAMPI started by removing all those lovely price stickers (I think this is one of the most annoying things ever and each ring had 2 price tags)!

THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING UPDATEAfter they had been removed, I sprayed the six rings with the Krylon looking glass spray paint that is supposed to resemble a mirror like finish and let dry and then followed it up with three total coats of spray paint.THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING UPDATEThen they were ready for use. It really was that simple!

DIY Chalk Paint Napkin Rings:

THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING REVAMPAfter removing all the stickers, I used some black spray paint I had laying around and did two coats of black spray paint to my napkin rings.

THRIFTY DIVAS DIY - NAPKIN RING UPDATEI was using Valspar chalkboard paint that I have in a quart size can that needs to be painted on with a paintbrush or roller. It adheres better to a matte service, so I sprayed the rings with the plain black spray paint first. (I have never tried the spray paint chalkboard paint, but this may work too—since I’m cheap and already had the other chalk paint on hand I just used what I had). Once the black paint was dry, I used a small roller and rolled two coats of chalkboard paint on the napkin rings and let dry. I tried using regular chalk to write on the napkin rings, and it worked but did not look as clean as a chalkboard marker. So, if you’re like me and have a super shaky hand and not that fantastic handwriting go for the marker for a smoother, cuter look.Enjoy! These chalkboard rings are cute for any holiday or party and allow you to write anything you can think of on them! If you’re looking for more home decor inspiration follow up on Pinterest!

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