DIY Subway Tile Backsplash Made Easy

DIY 1 Day $150 Subway Tile Backsplash

Thrifty Divas DIY-Subway Tile Backsplash

DIY 1 Day $150 Subway Tile Backsplash

Thrifty Divas DIY-Subway Tile BacksplashMaterials needed for backsplash

  • Simple mat $50
  • Subway tile (we used 2 boxes for $22 each, & 6 pieces of bullnosed subway tile for the edges)
  • Grout $14
  • Dremel tool
  • Diamond blade bit $20
  • Safety glasses
  • Trowel for grout $10
  • Tile Snap

Thrifty Divas DIY- Subway Tile BacksplashY’all I’m not even going to lie about this. Tiling freaks me out. These were my first few thoughts that popped into my head as we dove face first into this DIY…

  1. Tiling is expensive
  2. If you mess up, it doesn’t seem like there is a quick and easy fix
  3. I’ve never done anything like this-OMG am I in over my head?!?

Well let me tell you… It’s no biggy. For real. We opted for subway tile because…

  1. It’s sort of a cheaper option.
  2. The Mr. and I both like it.
  3. It seemed like an easier option for DIY tiling rookies to install.

Thrifty Divas DIY- Subway Tile BacksplashHere  is a link to the subway tile we bought. We also used this awesome product called Simple Mat. And honestly, I think this is why tiling was so easy! I highly recommend this product or any similar products for tiling newbies. You use it in place of thin set.  Now compared to thin set, it is more expensive. For a 16 in by 30 ft roll, it set us back about $50. But there is no mess or extra work that comes with thin set. Simple Mat is a roll of glue you apply on the wall, and stick the tiles on.

Thrifty Divas DIY- Subway Tile Backsplash

I know what your thinking, I was skeptical too, but I’m telling you this stuff is legit! It was actually hard to remove any tiles that we placed on crooked.

Thrifty Divas DIY- Subway Tile Backsplash

The Mr. used his Dremel tool with a diamond bit blade to make any specialty cuts around our window and outlets, and used this $20 tile snap for any other cuts we needed.

Here’s some tips we learned along the way:

  1. We made sure the tiles didn’t sit directly on the counter and left 1/16th of an inch gap between the two.
  2. Subway tile has these nubs around the edges that allow for 1/16th of an in for grouting. If you want larger grout lines you will need spacers, but if you like small grout lines, you don’t have to worry about spacers.
  3. Subway tile pattern is different from brick pattern. Chances are no one will notice the difference, so if you want to go with the more simplistic route opt for brick pattern… I just so happen to be married to a perfectionist who says,  “if we’re installing subway tile, we’re going to use subway pattern” haha joke is on me for pointing that fact out.

Thrifty Divas DIY- Subway Tile Backsplash

Once the tile has been installed on the Simple Mat, it is time for grout! (If you had used thin set, your kitchen would be out of commission for a few more days and the money you saved buying thin set would be spent ordering pizza ha-ha aren’t you glad you bought Simple Mat instead?!). We used Polyblend grout in Oyster Grey. We mixed up the grout per the directions. We pushed the grout into the grout lines with the trow. Sometimes in the tricky places like around the outlets, I used the professional method of squishing it in with my finger. I had a little anxiety when I started to notice how messy this job was, but no worries, it all cleans up with a bucket of water and a big sponge!

Thrifty Divas DIY- Kitchen MakeoverWhen the grout has had time to dry you’re ready to seal the grout! Sealing grout on backsplash is an important step to remember since food easily splashes up on it.

Thrifty Divas DIY- Kitchen MakeoverAnd that’s it! You’re done! And chances are your kitchen looks awesome! Now don’t you feel like a pro DIYer??!! I love how my subway tile turned out, and I’m so happy I got over my tiling fears! If you’re looking for more home decor inspiration follow up on Pinterest!

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